Words and Phrases – pang bato sa inyo!

After gruelling election in the Philippines and then the American elections and lately the Marcos clandestine burial, I cannot help but coin words and phrases to describe the remarkable actions, statements and disgusting actuation of certain people in these 3 incidents.  There are more than words and phrases that I came up with. I am defining and describing each one of them.

At the end of each post please reply to me which one is your favourite:

  1. Bongturnal Omissions
  • In tagalog – ‘hindi ka hero, at lalong hindi hero ang tatay mo’
  • A phrase to describe how Bongbong Marcos became delusional on the eve of the election where he thought he was winning the Vice-Presidential election where he said he went to sleep and when he woke up he lost the election. This illusion is superimposed with conditions where he imagined his father is a hero, the Philippines was in a Golden Age of prosperity during the more than 20 years of martial law, no one was murdered or tortured, and that all the billions they stole was hard earned money by their family.


  1. Delusionation
  • In tagalog – `duterturds’ and `trumpettes’
  • A substantial number of the population who voted a person who is himself delusional and thinks he can save the country from itself. This is the description of these people who choose to forego the hidden wealth, extrajudicial killings, misogynistic attitude and activations’, curses, disrespect for his own religion, and seething hatred for those who stood against him.
  1. Domingination
  • In other words “creative imagination”
  • A term to describe how a cabinet minister is asking the people to disengage from the embarrassing and derogatory such as PI, f___ you, go to hell, etc. – remarks of the President and instead make it look like we understand where he is coming from and describe it in a way that the President is all holy, all knowing and has been blessed.
  1. Moveonyomukhanyo
  • In tagalog – `papatayin kita sa sindak at troll attacks pag di ka nag- move on’
  • A term to describe how this government and its supporters and the Marcos supporters is using the term to `move on’ and accept all these injustices such as EJKs, the clandestine marcos burial, protecting the drug lords to testify and make up evidence against De Lima, and to the point of killing them because they did not cooperate. This is how they will bully each and every one who disagrees o what they are doing.
  1. Martialrevisionism
  • In tagalog – `illusion niyo lang yun nung Martial Law’
  • The term to describe how the Duterturds are showing in their websites, in their blogs, in their distorted minds that everything good happened during Martial Law. Those who were there would remember how the media was so controlled by the Marcos’ that only good news came out and not the news of EJKs in the provinces, thousands of soldiers dying against the MNLF and the NPA, thousands of squatters sprouting in and Metro Manila and big cities so they can buy and control their votes,  white elephant structures that they spend millions on with a guaranteed kickback from the builders, and the thousands of activist and human rights advocates arrested, tortured and gone missing and killed.
  1. Rectificate
  • In tagalog – `Tae utak niyo – tae rin and solusyon niyo!’
  • This term applies to those promises that was made during the campaigns where the problems blamed on the previous administration will be fixed in 6 months. Later to back track and tell us they need more time. This is also applied to the band aid measures that they have applied to the drug problem where the promise of 3 million addicts to be killed and the drug lords and sacked NBI personnel to be protected and promoted as long as they testify and blame De Lima about it. The solutions applied stinks like the shit they have buried at the LNMB.

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