Feast of the Divine Mercy 23 April, 2017 Sunday

Learnings – Saint Faustina, while she was still a young girl, before becoming a nun, saw a vision of Jesus which has become the image of the Divine Mercy.

Last Sunday we celebrated in our parish the Divine Mercy Sunday. There was one point that made me realize the significance of this Sunday after Easter. The celebrating priest, Father Dan, during his sermon asked us, the parishioners and devotees of the Divine Mercy, where is the best place to celebrate Mass of the feast of the Divine Mercy?

Is it where Sister Faustina’s hometown,  where the vision to Saint Faustina appeared – in Plock, Poland, or should it be in Vilnius, Poland, where the painting of the image of the Divine Mercy was made and now hangs at the Cathedral there.

For Father Dan, to my surprise, said it was in Prison, celebrating it with those who are incarcerated for crimes they may have or may not have committed. He said, in this place, Mercy is much much needed. In Christ’s presence people in this place will be blessed if they are praying for this or people praying for them.

Local politics in the Philippines dawned on me as he was saying this. In this Sunday the Lord will be present to all those who have been jailed but still believe and praying and petitioning the Divine Mercy. During this 9-day Novena to the Divine Mercy one of my petitions was for the blessing and justice for Senator Leila De Lima. During this Sunday, I thought to myself, despite her incarceration, the Lord will be there for her because I believe that I am not alone in praying for her freedom and protection from those who are persecuting her.

We too are prisoners of our own sins, our limitations, our weaknesses. It is for this reason that we should devote ourselves to the Divine Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. For through His Mercy He can set us free from what has chained us. So who is more lucky, those who are physically detained by four walls, barbed wires, and armed guards, or those who are slaves to their greed for power, material things, or drugs that they think are helping them to ease their pain even though they have no physical illness?

If we ask the Lord for His Divine Mercy we will be more secure knowing He is blessing us, easing us of our pain, our worries, and our miseries. And all we have to say in our hearts, “Jesus I trust in You”.

In a related posting in Facebook, one of the priest who is my friend, my brother in the fraternity, posted about the Gospel for that Sunday about the Apostle’s feeling scared after Jesus died because the Jews may have been searching for them because of rumors of Christ Resurrection. Christ appeared and blessed them made them feel secure. They were lucky because Christ appeared physically to them. Today it is our faith that we believe, and why Jesus Christ appeared to Saint Faustina, because the same Christ was giving us the Divine Mercy, to remind us that He is present among those who believe.


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