Hi, my name is Raul Batallones, and friends call me Rally. I am a `Foodie’ by profession, having worked in the Food Manufacturing Industry, as well as in the other types of manufacturing in Australia. I specialised in Quality Assurance – Management Systems, Product and Packaging  Development, Auditing, Process and Systems Implementation, Risk Management, and Training.

As a food lover, I love discovering new recipes. I like to venture in foods that I have never tasted and develop recipes as well. I try to travel to other countries to learn their cooking culture.

I comment in politics as an observer specially to what is happening in the world, and more particularly the Philippines, Australia, USA, and the global relationships. I like putting humour and satire on my observations and comments.

From time to time I will also feature personalities that I have met that I perceive is worth sharing.

Follow me in my adventures and the funny takes on things!