Pumpkin Sauce (with pickle relish and stuffed olives)

What to do… So you over cooked your pumpkin as you were roasting the potatoes, sweet potatoes and the meat. In Australia, somehow the pumpkins always cook quicker than the rest. The pumpkin were so soft, even soggy because of the liquid that came out from the meat. Pumpkin has a sweet taste in them,…

‘Government-affiliated Bloggers to undergo Spelling Test’

‘Government-affiliated Bloggers to undergo Spelling Test’ After the fiasco in the Senate hearing and the subsequent `away ng mga bakla’ between the pro-Duterte bloggers rumours had it that there was secret meeting called to all these bloggers. It seems that Malacanang decided to review the accreditation of these people by getting them tested to establish…

This Perilous Period of Climate Change

As I was doing my training assessment materials for Environmental Sustainability, a line in one of the articles I was reviewing reminded me why Ms. Gina Lopez is a great loss to the DENR (Department of Environmental and Natural Resources). As we know Ms. Lopez was appointed by President to be Secretary to the said…

Words and Phrases – pang bato sa inyo!

After gruelling election in the Philippines and then the American elections and lately the Marcos clandestine burial, I cannot help but coin words and phrases to describe the remarkable actions, statements and disgusting actuation of certain people in these 3 incidents.

Standing up for your rights

I met a dad on the train on the way back from Geelong. I saw his amazing reaction and friendly demeanor when confronted by a man with little tolerance.